Happyface Empire prints original art on anything flat we can find.


Dangerous, gorgeous, often utterly strange.

Usually provocative. Possibly ridiculous.

All prints are limited-run and gone when gone.

That has been the central philosophy of Happyface Empire since it was formed in 2015. NO REPRINTS means always focusing on the next piece to come, and not lingering on the preciousness of a single piece. Everything is screenprinted by hand with the highest quality materials, often adding customized color and paper variation throughout the runs so that nearly every poster is unique. Printing art onto wood panels, plexiglass, flooring, metal, signs, door skins, and anything else interesting and flat is the eternal monkey/back scenario.

Erik Roggeveen

Founder, artist, human printing machine.

Trained by wolves who were terrible artists, but otherwise self-discovered and educated. Designed and built an entire 400sq. foot printing workshop TO CODE, recently added a framing and woodworking side complex. Process generally involves starting with pencil sketches and composition/layout design, then scanning into a PC for inking and coloring in various programs, and finally separating into layers for screenprinting. Working under the company name and signing only “EJR” has been freeing from the pressures of notoriety.


Thank you for your support! Erik and Lisa~


Our 400+ square foot studio and constantly-upgraded equipment are printing nonstop!

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION (of the personal variety)

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Erik Roggeveen is an adult male of some indeterminate age, living in an undisclosed location overlooking the quaint hamlet of Eugene, Oregon. Erik's work has been featured in everything from Conan O'Brien's TV show and San Diego Comic Con galleries and even way back to GWAR's 1994 exhibit in the Museum of Rock and Roll History in SF. He worked as an in-house artist for Blunt Graffix in 2015, and continued with hand-printed silkscreen art since then. His work in writing, comics, illustration, game design, sculpture, woodwork, engineering, and film has assaulted eyeballs across the globe. He is a chef and raconteur of arguably equal levels of profundity, and a humbly modest individual with no clear or present designs on world domination.(?)

Lisa de Rave is an exceptional lady and co-founder of Happyface Empire by virtue of having to put up with all the bullshit of living with an obsessed artist. You will find her throughout Erik’s work, embodied in feminine badassery and power. Besides handling the business and accounting needs and assisting in the production studio, Lisa is vastly knowledgeable in areas of art, music and design. Without her, this company would not even be half the worth. Being gorgeous doesn't hurt either!

Toki Joy 2

All images on this site are Copyright Erik Roggeveen, and all rights are reserved.

We try to print 5-10 copies of all of our best prints on maple and birch 1/4" panels at the end of the run!

We try to print 5-10 copies of all of our best prints on maple and birch 1/4" panels at the end of the run!