Thank you for wanting to contact us. We are primarily a family-run print company, specializing in limited-edition original posters. If you are interested in acquiring prints not available in our store, or multiple prints, fill out the info below and we will contact you!

Requests for group pre-orders, event posters (for badass events only, thanks!), and other interesting projects are appreciated and always considered! (hours in the day be damned, if possible!)

We are enthusiastic about working on band/music event related posters (contact us!!), but do NOT use official band artwork/logos without permission, nor band names outside of a direct, specific event advertising context.

Portraits, paintings and other forms of original artwork will be limited and expensive, especially for personal art that will not be shared. CD and flyer art for bands and other entertainment professionals will almost always be considered and reasonably priced!

Use the form below or the email link below that to contact Happyface Empire at HappyfaceEmpire@gmail.com


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