Written in 2009 and published in 2015, there are unheeded warnings strewn about Exquisite American Bull$hit like sweaty, fetid leaves in the Fall. In the world of EAB there are many reflections of TRULY disgusting attitudes and acts, all harvested from the media and actual life experiences of the author. While RARELY exaggerated for effect, the sexism, racism, classism, opportunism, jingoism, and many if not most of the negative -isms represented are in there to be SHAMED and NOT GLORIFIED.


At it's core, EXQUISITE AMERICAN BULL$HIT is about a billionaire jerk being mistaken for a homeless vigilante after he suffers/causes a terrible accident. It is about empathy, and understanding the pain and dysfunctions of those of alternate fortunes. It's about the long arm of Karmic retribution, and the short shrift of redemption.

A political "celebrity" is brutalized into a mockery of a cartoon superhero, in a world so jacked on mind-altering substances and distracted by fake news... nobody notices who he really is.

A satirical skewering of Left, Right and Center, envisioned in a hallucinatory version of Washington D.C. crossed with flavors of DC Comics. A city gripped in a near-future dystopia where a mostly absent President Trump has become bored with the country, but old foes of decency still hold sway. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Remember this was written in 2009 and published in 2015!!)

The author harbors no other motive than to lavish cartoon mockery upon the shameless political debutantes of recent history. It takes time to make a graphic novel by oneself, so some might deem the targets “dated” (most are still out there), but even so, their aftereffects still shape our world. The Bush administration, Halliburton, Fox “News”, wing-based talk radio, the Tea Party, Blackwater corporate mercenary armies, Big Pharmaceutical, and the Proudly Ignorant or Ignorantly Proud, writ large.

Assholes, deserving of the harmless abuse of comedy. But if you read more closely you'll find it isn't about them at all. It's a work of absurd fiction, reflecting bombastic reality in turn, and ONLY meant to entertain. It is about Politics and Batman in the SAME way that The Walking Dead is about our nation's crumbling infrastructure. IT'S JUST MEANT TO BE FUNNY.

Best taken with medications!

Exquisite American Bullshit front cover


RATING: A lighthearted (but gruesome) MA-17. Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up, but maturity varies.

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120 pages of ass-stomping lampoonery, graphically novelized by a drug and media oversaturated American monster.
— An Unlikely Source

Bob rushes to save the day! No, oh wait, wrong story. Bob rushes to save his own ass.



copyright 2015 Erik Roggeveen

Printed and ready to ship!

Printed and ready to ship!

Created by one person for the purpose of telling a story for a laugh.