Hobo With A Mjolnir - Revenging Injustice One Bolt At A Time

Hobo With A Mjolnir - Revenging Injustice One Bolt At A Time

Very exciting buzz around our next print! Here’s what you need to know if you want one:

Hand-printed original design 24x18” Avengers:Endgame Thor poster based on the cult classic artwork of Hobo With A Shotgun, but with some Big Lebowski twists. 4 colors including a badass silver metallic lightning layer.

The main run will LIKELY be 77 prints on a heavy, dirty cream-colored paper, to match the original dinge look.

In addition there will be a variant run of about 33 on various foil papers, including Rainbow, Gold, Silver and a few surprises.

ALSO there will be a small batch of test prints and experimental versions available, and a few with the lower handbills connected, check our store for updates.

FINALLY, when we’re done printing up this badboy on paper and foil, we’ll do a dozen or so on HARDWOOD MFING PANELS! Then THAT’S IT for Hobo Lightning prints!

A release announcement will go out on our social media next week, as soon as our numbers are locked down and we’re printing. Prices $40 for main run, $50 foil.

9x12” Hobo Lightning handbills will also be available.

Erik & Lisa ~Happyface Empire~



Harder than EVER!

Pardon my lack of recent PR, and let me assure you that during that time there has been some AMAZING developments!

Such as….

Monkey Cosmo web.jpg


Our first 24x36” poster prints are hitting the store soon!

Triptych web.jpg


We have SUPERCHARGED our woodshop for framing, and now are merging hand-printed art with fine woodwork!

Scarabclock web.jpg

Function to Art

Puzzle boxes, hardwood triptychs, clockmaking, business cards, custom framing, plus we even have access to LASERS!

Baxter web.jpg


Visit our store and contact us today! EVERYTHING is unique-ish and limited! And SPREAD THE WORD!




Live in or near Oregon?

Did you know we sell our posters from a couple of local business partners in Eugene, and are expanding to Salem and Portland? It’s true! And they are really great places! Go see/buy some of our work in person, praise them for choosing us, and then support the hell out of them!

We do not represent and are not affiliated with these businesses beyond selling some of our posters in their stores, they are just really awesome people.

RIVER VALLEY REMEDIES on West 7th in Eugene

RADAR TOYS on West 11th in Eugene




About our process!

When a piece of art is ready to print, it is only halfway finished. 

Our love for the process of screenprinting has grown from what it brings to the artwork itself. After working out ideas in pencil, scanning them to PC, and inking, coloring and preparing them to print, I still only have a general idea of how the colors will look. When the screens are finally burned, test printing begins. First to match the paper and ink colors anticipated in the design, then a spectrum of other papers and inks are experimented with to discover ways to improve the piece, and find exciting variants. When we decide what looks best, I mix up batches of inks for the entire run and variants, and we get to printing! It is not unusual for a poster to be printed in a variety of ways, to increase uniqueness within the run and accommodate the styles of our patrons, and we never reprint our designs to preserve that dynamic.

Being hands-on and willing to spend time exploring possibilities with color and design are more than goals, they are ingrained into Happyface Empire's code. The happier we are with a finished piece, the more confident we are to provide it to you.

Thanks all! EJR~



Gallery spot PRINT.jpg

Hey all!
As many of you know, we built every part of our art printing business ourselves, in order to have the most freedom possible to create our best work. Lisa and I at Happyface Empire take everything our company works on seriously. We are mindful to accept only projects that we know we can accomplish, on time and to the complete satisfaction of our clients or partners. But most of all, we take on projects that excite us, and work only with bands, brands and institutions that we admire. We have been active in the community for many years, including galleries and installations with local businesses, murals on main thoroughfares, press and interviews on tv and in local papers, and interaction with and support of other artists. Our reputation is stellar, and our clients and patrons usually return. We keep extensive records in an effort to maintain clarity of vision between all parties. And most of all, as we are neither rich nor famous, we go out of our way to impress and create good will though our artwork, our print quality, and communication. Thank you for your continued support and wall space!

Erik & Lisa





A very full year. All that remains is to open up our drawers and dish out our love! (eh.. I'll come back and reword that later)

We built our new 400 sq. foot workshop and rebuilt every piece of printing equipment inside of it, plus another connected 100sq. foot "dirty" shop for frame making and other dusty custom woodwork and molding. All by February or so! We built our third and fourth convention set-ups, and believe me we'll have Version 6.0 by whatever the next con. (Rose City? ECCC? Stay tuned!)

But mostly we printed a TON of original artwork. What's left of which we now intend to make available online! Over the next few weeks we will be stocking up our stores on Ebay and here on the website. There will be tons of surprises and artist proofs and secret tubes, and everyone will get a fucking pony! ( the form of, like, probably, a bonus handbill or mini-poster) 

So cheers, get ready, and start 2018 with some blazing hot handmade wall art! 

EJR & Lisa



Summer Update

Print print print! 

Coming soon to the store:


Follow us on Instagram @DefectiveCorpse




Some notes!

HER HIGHNESS print run is complete and sales have begun with a frenzy! This is our most original and elaborate piece to date, and supplies are limited AF! Get her!

DRUNKEN MASTER is currently on the print table! This is a 12x24" banner piece (or an 18x24" poster for the few we leave the handbills attached to) that is NOTHING BUT KICKASS!

WHAT'S NEXT? A bloody ton! We have some exciting new partnerships forming with local businesses to create custom event posters for bands and films we love (coughSTARWARScough) plus wonderful things like weed! (explains the coughing)

I know most of you are just imaginary figments, but pay attention to this space anyway, because cool shit is happening.



One of EVERYTHING please!

For the next 7 days we will be auctioning off one of every print that Happyface Empire has ever printed on eBay to help pay for unforeseen surgery needed on our puppy. We will also be donating 10% of all proceeds to Greenhill Animal Shelter. Just search on eBay for listings with "Toki Aid!"



Happy New Year!

Timing is everything.

Our new shop went lights-on today, and we'll be printing by the end of the month. Cheers to you, true believers!



Holy shit tons of news!

HAPPYFACE EMPIRE slays at NORCAL Tattoo and Music Fest! Great new friends, long hours, driving safely, then drinking Coldcock herbal whiskey and catching bits of The Athiarchists, plus road food! Urp!

NEW PRINTS! We are just catching up, but we have a TON of crazy awesome new limited-run prints for sale! A-Team, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and even a slightly Star Wars mini! Plus a bunch more, so keep an eye on our store! Pics incoming!

FAR REACHES! Just an aside, we shipped our first posters to Denmark this week!

NEW SHOP! The biggerest news might just be that we are now shifting gears for a couple months to focus on building our NEW WORKSHOP from the ground up! That's right, though there will be a lull in new art for a short time, when that is over we will be set up to ROCK!

So keep your eyes peeled, loyal nobodies!



An update isn't overdue if nobody is reading!

But for you future-types out there reading this, here are the most pertinent changes in my life:

My graphic novel EXQUISITE AMERICAN BULL$HIT was cleared by the publisher yesterday, and submitted to digital assisted-read as well. Physical copies for sale within a month.

I'm working professionally as an artist for a notorious local print shop.

Shit, you already know the rest. You are from the future! So that's it.




This page will be used for important updates and occasional ruminations. At the moment of this writing I have a 120 square foot mural going up during an art event in one week, so I'm not going to piffle around with mindless blather!