HAPPYFACE EMPIRE slays at NORCAL Tattoo and Music Fest! Great new friends, long hours, driving safely, then drinking Coldcock herbal whiskey and catching bits of The Athiarchists, plus road food! Urp!

NEW PRINTS! We are just catching up, but we have a TON of crazy awesome new limited-run prints for sale! A-Team, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and even a slightly Star Wars mini! Plus a bunch more, so keep an eye on our store! Pics incoming!

FAR REACHES! Just an aside, we shipped our first posters to Denmark this week!

NEW SHOP! The biggerest news might just be that we are now shifting gears for a couple months to focus on building our NEW WORKSHOP from the ground up! That's right, though there will be a lull in new art for a short time, when that is over we will be set up to ROCK!

So keep your eyes peeled, loyal nobodies!