A very full year. All that remains is to open up our drawers and dish out our love! (eh.. I'll come back and reword that later)

We built our new 400 sq. foot workshop and rebuilt every piece of printing equipment inside of it, plus another connected 100sq. foot "dirty" shop for frame making and other dusty custom woodwork and molding. All by February or so! We built our third and fourth convention set-ups, and believe me we'll have Version 6.0 by whatever the next con. (Rose City? ECCC? Stay tuned!)

But mostly we printed a TON of original artwork. What's left of which we now intend to make available online! Over the next few weeks we will be stocking up our stores on Ebay and here on the website. There will be tons of surprises and artist proofs and secret tubes, and everyone will get a fucking pony! (...in the form of, like, probably, a bonus handbill or mini-poster) 

So cheers, get ready, and start 2018 with some blazing hot handmade wall art! 

EJR & Lisa