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Hey all!
As many of you know, we built every part of our art printing business ourselves, in order to have the most freedom possible to create our best work. Lisa and I at Happyface Empire take everything our company works on seriously. We are mindful to accept only projects that we know we can accomplish, on time and to the complete satisfaction of our clients or partners. But most of all, we take on projects that excite us, and work only with bands, brands and institutions that we admire. We have been active in the community for many years, including galleries and installations with local businesses, murals on main thoroughfares, press and interviews on tv and in local papers, and interaction with and support of other artists. Our reputation is stellar, and our clients and patrons usually return. We keep extensive records in an effort to maintain clarity of vision between all parties. And most of all, as we are neither rich nor famous, we go out of our way to impress and create good will though our artwork, our print quality, and communication. Thank you for your continued support and wall space!

Erik & Lisa