When a piece of art is ready to print, it is only halfway finished. 

Our love for the process of screenprinting has grown from what it brings to the artwork itself. After working out ideas in pencil, scanning them to PC, and inking, coloring and preparing them to print, I still only have a general idea of how the colors will look. When the screens are finally burned, test printing begins. First to match the paper and ink colors anticipated in the design, then a spectrum of other papers and inks are experimented with to discover ways to improve the piece, and find exciting variants. When we decide what looks best, I mix up batches of inks for the entire run and variants, and we get to printing! It is not unusual for a poster to be printed in a variety of ways, to increase uniqueness within the run and accommodate the styles of our patrons, and we never reprint our designs to preserve that dynamic.

Being hands-on and willing to spend time exploring possibilities with color and design are more than goals, they are ingrained into Happyface Empire's code. The happier we are with a finished piece, the more confident we are to provide it to you.

Thanks all! EJR~