Hobo With A Mjolnir - Revenging Injustice One Bolt At A Time

Hobo With A Mjolnir - Revenging Injustice One Bolt At A Time

Very exciting buzz around our next print! Here’s what you need to know if you want one:

Hand-printed original design 24x18” Avengers:Endgame Thor poster based on the cult classic artwork of Hobo With A Shotgun, but with some Big Lebowski twists. 4 colors including a badass silver metallic lightning layer.

The main run will LIKELY be 77 prints on a heavy, dirty cream-colored paper, to match the original dinge look.

In addition there will be a variant run of about 33 on various foil papers, including Rainbow, Gold, Silver and a few surprises.

ALSO there will be a small batch of test prints and experimental versions available, and a few with the lower handbills connected, check our store for updates.

FINALLY, when we’re done printing up this badboy on paper and foil, we’ll do a dozen or so on HARDWOOD MFING PANELS! Then THAT’S IT for Hobo Lightning prints!

A release announcement will go out on our social media next week, as soon as our numbers are locked down and we’re printing. Prices $40 for main run, $50 foil.

9x12” Hobo Lightning handbills will also be available.

Erik & Lisa ~Happyface Empire~